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●The whole warranty for 12 months, except for wearing parts.
Machine warranty for 12 months refers to the machine suffers quality issues, within 12 months since delivered to the customer, caused by the quality of the machine itself, then we will give you a free warranty.
● Vulnerable parts warranty items:
1. Platen warranty: warranty period for two years (broken);
2. Tie-bar warranty: warranty period of two years (broken);
3. Coupling oil pump, oil motor, hydraulic valve: warranty period of two years (during warranty period, you must use the hydraulic oil of certain designation; the hydraulic oil pollution degree of variable pump ≤ level NAS 9 and constant flow pump ≤ level NAS 11);
4. Normal screw, barrel and three accessories: warranty period of 12 months;
5. Customized screw for engineering plastics , barrel and three accessories: warranty period of 6 months;
a. General plastics refer to brand new PE, PP, PS, Soft PVC, UPVC, PU, AS, ABS and disposable recycled material made from these.
b. Engineering plastics refer to plastics other than general plastics, which are mainly POM, PC, PA, PET, PBT, PMMA, PSU, PPO, PPS, PI, PEEK, LCP, PFEF, etc as well as some modified plastics.
6. To produce materials below: no free guarantee for screw, barrel and three accessories;
a. Retreading material and refuse material
b. Material with metal powder, glass fiber and high filling material
c. Corrosive material
7. Heating ring and thermocouple guarantee for 12 months;
8. Other parts not specified in the warranty period generally guarantee for 12 months.
● Not free warranty items:
1. Unclear lubricating oil applied to make the clamping part break down and unclear hydraulic oil applied to damage the oil pump and motor;
2. Machine or part damaged caused by unpermitted machine refit (fit frequency converter, etc);
3. Barrel and screw damage caused by application of corrosive plastics (PVC, etc) or material with
glass fiber, metal and other hard object;
4. Failure or damage caused by incorrect or improper use, storage, maintenance and operation of the product not according to the instructions;
5. Due to accidental or human factor causes (including operational errors, scratches, handling, bump, improper plug, foreign objects fall, rodents, pests, etc.)
6. The screw hole wore by applying the screw too hard or the length into the die hole less than 1.5D, when fit the strip-type mould;
7. Exceeds the warranty period.
● To the machines which are over the warranty period, we only charge reasonable fees for the replacement of spare parts.
● Warranty starts from the date machine leaves factory
● This warranty regulation comes into effect since issued. The machines of which contract signed and bought before the issue are not relate to this regulations. Special circumstances are carried out in accordance with the terms of the contract.
● This warranty regulation automatically becomes one of additional agreements to the contract.
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