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Mould gets looser or tighter during automatic modeMethod:
1): Check whether the electromagnetic valve is O type. Change the electromagnetic valve when necessary.
2): Change to the manual mode and check whether the valve is struck.
Other motion happens after mold-locking, the mould opens slowly in the automatic mode
1): Oil plate leaks; Check or change the mold-locking valve or oil plate.
2): Mold-opening valve leak; Stop the mould and check whether the moving plate moves backward, change the oil valve if yes.
Only mold-opening motion happens when mould closes:
1): Wires are connected in a wrong way; Check the circuit and reconnect the wires.
2): Wrong spool is fitted or the valve the blocked; Check whether the spool is wrongly fitted or blocked, change the spool or clean it if yes.
Mold-locking motion doesn’t go smooth:
1): The holes A and B are wrongly adjusted; Set the system accuracy 20, pressure 99, then watch whether the mold-locking motion slows down. Readjust the holes or change the valve if yes.
2): Air intrudes into the oil circuit; Listen whether there is air sound in the circuit or there is bubble. Exhaust it if yes.
3): Amplifying board goes into a wrong way; Check whether the current value goes in a ratio with the rotation rate. Adjust the amplifying board if yes.
Pressure doesn’t go higher when mold locks and stroke overruns:
1): Limit switch goes beyond the stroke; Check whether mould is adjusted in a correct way, readjust the die distance when necessary; Check whether the motor works in a normal condition.
2): Hydraulic limit switch goes beyond the stroke; Check whether electronic ruler is in the appropriate position, readjust the mould when necessary.
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