Specialized Injection Molding Machine

PET Preform Machine
PET Preform Machine
The PET Preform is the product to further make bottle, which has thick wall and high transparency. Bottle has been widely used in our daily life, in drinking water, drinks, cooking oil, automobile oil, laundry liquid and other industries. The PET preform is unbreakable and can stand on the table, which makes it possible to replace the test tube.

I. Molding of Preform
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is used as the raw material of PET preform, and the hot runner mould is generally used. The insulation board is better between the mould and template, and its thickness is about 12mm, and the insulation board must withstand high pressure. Exhaust must be sufficient to avoid local overheating or fragmentation, but its exhaust outlet depth should not exceed 0.03mm, otherwise it is easy to produce flange.
II. Manufacture Process
The quality of preform determines the quality of the bottle. There are two kinds of preform injection molding: one is long gate, the other is short gate. The domestic preform factory chooses the short gate PET preform more, but the foreign uses the long gate more. The PET preform with a long glue mouth is cut off from the bottom gate, so that the tension is evenly distributed in the process of blowing the bottle. Thus the quality of the bottle blown out will be better. In addition, the cut part can be recycled, which will help to save the cost of raw materials. In today's station of increasingly scarce oil resources, domestic manufacturers will be more inclined to long gate PET preform.
III. Our PET Preform Machine
The PET preform is widely used in our life and the market is very big. In order to conform to the trend of the market, we developed a series of special injection molding machine for PET preform.
Our PET perform machine has the following three features:
(1) Specialized PET screw to meet the requirements of PET preform transparency
We use special PET screw and special machine to ensure the special characteristics of PET, make the running-in between machine and material more smooth, and make the production process more smooth. The PET preform needs further blow molding process to form a thin plastic bottle, so the transparency of the PET preform is higher and the requirement of plasticization is higher. With special PET screw, our machine ensures the stability and transparency of the PET preform products.
(2) The screw and plasticizing assembly treated with chrome plating on the surface
Our PET perform machine adopts special screw and plasticizing component. After special surface chromium treatment, material is not easy to accumulate on the screw, which is convenient for cleaning and finishing, so as to ensure the durability and life of the machine. It also ensures the stability and quality of the product.
(3) The ejection stroke and ejection force increased
The special machine for PET preform increases the ejection stroke and further increases the ejection force to meet the needs of PET preform production. Using PID temperature control, the temperature control data are clearer and more accurate, thus ensuring the stability of PET preform quality.


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