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Eyeglass Machine
Eyeglass Machine
Acrylic lens, in fact, refers to the product produced after the PMMA material is electroplated. It can be generally divided into: one-sided glasses, two-sided glasses, glasses with glue, glasses with paper, half-lens glasses. Using plastic lenses instead of glass lenses has the advantages of light weight, not easily broken, easy to form and process, easy coloring and so on. The development trend is rising day by day, and it has become a kind of technology in lens production.
I. Manufacture Process
There are many different processes for making acrylic lenses. Our special eyeglass machine uses injection molding technology to make acrylic lenses. Below is a typical example of manufacture process parameters.

Injection molding products also need post-treatment to eliminate internal stress. It should be treated in 70-80℃ hot air circulation drying box. The treatment of acrylic bar generally needs about 4 hours.
II. Operational Characteristic
Acrylic has the characteristic of non-Newtonian fluid in the range of forming temperature. The melt viscosity decreases obviously with the increase of shear rate, and the melt viscosity is also sensitive to the change of temperature.
The viscosity of acrylic melt is high, the cooling rate is fast, and the products are easy to produce internal stress. Therefore, the process conditions are strictly controlled when the products are molded, and the products also need to be treated after forming.
III. Our Eyeglass Machine
To meet the needs of the market, our company has developed a series of eyeglass machine with high precision. It adopts special control system, screw and other machine parts to achieve the best condition and improves the precision and quality of glass production, in order to help you increase production and improve quality.


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