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Package Machine
Package Machine
Plastic packaging refers to use plastic to pack. Plastics are made from synthetic or natural polymer resins. A class of materials with ductility at a certain temperature and pressure are added in to polymer resins and it can be fixed after cooling. The process of natural or synthetic polymer molecules being in melt and uniformly distributed around them is called plasticization. Plastic packaging also includes a lot of different types. Our special packaging machine is mainly for injection molding plastic products, such as disposable packaging box, storage box, etc.

I. Product Features 
The main features of plastics packaging are:
(1) Low density and high specific strength which lead to high packaging yield
(2) Most plastics have good chemical resistance, good acid resistance, alkali resistance and resistance to all kinds of organic solvents. It can be long-term stored without oxidation.
(3) Easy to form and the energy consumption is lower than that of steel and other metal materials
(4) Good transparency and colorability
(5) Good strength and easy to modify
(6) Low processing cost
(7) Excellent insulation
Plastic packaging with its unique advantages which ensure user-friendly is popular in the market.
II. Development Prospects 
25% of synthetic plastics are used in packaging industry thus it’s an important apartment. Although the plastic packaging industry is the second-place packaging materials, its practical surface than paper and cardboard packaging. But the plastic packaging industry is growing by 5% per year.
III. Our Package Machine
(1) Good stability

Our special packaging machine uses a special control system to make the coordination between the control system and the machine more smooth, more coordinated and make the production more stable, reduce the scrap rate of products to a greater extent and further help you improve production capacity.
(2) High efficiency
On the basis of using special control system, our special packaging machine continuously optimizes the parameters to achieve better results and improve the production efficiency.


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