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Record 100: Can Business Still Rely On Relationships? Drinking until stomach bleeding?
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Mr. Zeng of Shanghai patted the table and said to me: if business is carried out the same as before, relying only on the good or bad relationship, that will be really horrible!
Mr. Zeng has opened a plastic factory for many years. When speaking of his previous experience, he always yawns a lot. The business ten years ago was not as difficult as it is now. If the relationship is good enough, it is easy to get high profits, and the payment collection of the project is relatively fast. However, as more and more people enter the same industry, if they do not have enough advantages and good relations, they are just the entry brick of cooperation. Whether they can take over the business or not depends on the quality of the products.
Most of the sales channels of Mr. Zeng's products are wholesalers around the country. Wholesalers attach great importance to the price of goods. The business relationship doesn’t rely on how good the business relationship is now. In the end, it depends on the price. However, Mr. Zeng's general idea has been completely different from that of his peers. Businesses with pure price competition should be done as little as possible; More energy should be spent on products with higher price and better quality.

1. A storage box where people can stand
When Mr. Zeng proposed to many wholesalers that his storage box could bear the weight of an adult, most wholesalers did not believe it, but it turned out to be ture. However, in order to improve the flexibility of this product, a lot of research has been done: the increase of raw material plasticizer; control of injection pressure and injection temperature during injection molding; control of product wall thickness and stiffener.
With the innovation of these small details, Mr. Zeng's storage box has a small monopoly and formed his own advantage.
2. Improve mold’s service life
For the mold of this storage box, it is often necessary to develop new shapes and styles, so we attach great importance to the development cost of products. If too good mold materials are selected, the processing cost will be greatly increased. However, if too poor die materials are used, the service life of the die will be greatly reduced.
At present, most of the molds in Zeng's factory use P20 as the mold core and 45 steel as the mold base. The cost of a single mold is less than 10000 yuan. However, in the process of production, the injection temperature is about 20°C lower than that of peers, the injection pressure is less than 100bar and the mold locking pressure is less than 120bar. Therefore, the service life of the mold is greatly prolonged and more advantages are obtained in the competition with peers.
When you have bought the Taili injection molding machine, peers got urgent at your upgraded interests!
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