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"Electric Tiger" Is Not A "Paper Tiger"- Taili Injection Molding Machine Reminds You To Pay Attention To Electricity Safety!

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"Electric tiger" is not a "paper tiger"! Electricity safety is an important part of production safety. In the production process of injection molding machine, we should also pay close attention to the circuit safety of injection molding machine!
Today, I also want to talk to you about the electricity safety in the use of injection molding machine!
1. Electrical safety device
The electrical safety device of injection molding machine is mainly grounding wire and emergency brake switch.
Every electrical parts of the injection molding machine have grounding wires. We should pay close attention to regular inspection.
The emergency button is also one of the key points. Press the emergency button and all actions of the injection molding machine will stop immediately. If you want to restart, you should follow the correct operation steps.

2.Electrical equipment management
The electric heating system mainly refers to the electric heating ring of the barrel. The electric heating ring is equipped with a protective cover to prevent the operator from accidentally getting an electric shock.
Pay attention to insulation for wiring of electric heating system; During wire replacement and maintenance, the construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements, and the wires used should be qualified.
When the wire inside the machine fails and needs to be replaced, pay attention to protect it with a soft heat shrinkable tube to avoid electric leakage.
The installation position of electrical equipment shall be separated from other parts of the injection molding machine to avoid static electricity caused by friction with the machine and further avoid safety accidents.
3. Daily inspection
During the daily work, pay attention to daily inspection, and regularly check the wiring ports of each wire to avoid short circuit or looseness.
If electronic components are found to be damaged, they shall be replaced and reported for repair in time.
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