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Make The Injection Speed High Or Low?- Taili Plastic Machinery Reveals The Inner Secret For You
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Mr Lv's of Wenzhou is a spray nozzle manufacturer. Because he is a total green-hand in the industry, he is not familiar with many basic knowledge and thus he often calls me for advice. I also make regular return visits to see if the problem has been solved!
Recently, after a period time of production, he saw that the technician often adjusted the injection speed. He was curious about what the operation was and why it was divided into several stages? Take this opportunity, I'll share with you the inner secrets.
1. Advantages of high-speed injection
With high-speed injection, the injection time will be reduced and the injection cycle will be shortened accordingly, so as to improve the production efficiency. It is commonly used in the manufacture of thin-wall products.
Some products with high surface gloss requirements generally use high-speed injection. Relatively speaking, under this mode of high-speed injection, the product gloss is higher.
In addition, in the high-speed mode, the product is not easy to deform after cooling, and the welding line is softer and not particularly obvious, so as to improve the yield and product aesthetics.

2. Advantages of low-speed injection
High-speed injection also has some disadvantages. Relatively, low-speed production can solve these problems. For example, low-speed injection can prevent flash, flow lines, burning marks, deformation, which can reduce product defects and improve the yield.
To sum up, we can see that both high speed and low speed have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the actual production process, we suggest to use the combination of high speed and low speed to make full use of the advantages, so as to ensure the yield of products and improve production efficiency.
What Mr. Lv sees is multi-stage injection. It combines the advantages of high-speed injection and low-speed injection to avoid its disadvantages as much as possible. This mode has been mature and applied to modern injection molding machine technology.
When you have bought the Taili injection molding machine, peers got urgent at your upgraded interests!
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