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Safety Production, Environment First - Taili Plastic Machinery Suggests Paying Attention To The Workshop Production Environment!

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Affected by the epidemic in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, many enterprises actively responded to the government's policy and stopped production. Mr. Wu's factory in Jiangsu is also one of them. Like most industrialists, shutdown policy still can't stop entrepreneurs' steps. Mr. Wu recently thought of taking advantage of the shutdown to rectify the workshop and improve the workshop environment.
Mr. Wu called for my advice. Today, we will share with you the matters needing attention to create a good workshop production environment.
1. Workshop hardware equipment
In the factory workshop, the lighting shall be appropriate. Dim or too dazzling lighting may affect workers' work and even cause safety accidents. Especially when working at night, pay attention to checking the lights in the workshop.
The wires in the workshop should not be settled randomly, and it is particularly important to have regular wires. Therefore, sorting and reconnecting wires has also become one of the important tasks of Mr. Wu's rectification of the workshop.

The installation and inspection of workshop ventilation system is also one of the key work of Mr. Wu. Mr. Wu inspected and found that many doors and windows in the workshop were aging and damaged, and there were some problems in the ventilation system in the workshop. Mr. Wu quickly arranged relevant personnel to contact for maintenance or purchase new ventilators and ventilation devices.
2. Sanitation in workshop
The daily workshop is always busy, and the workers work in a hurry. Although special cleaning personnel are equipped, the hygiene dead corner has indeed become a long-standing problem. Taking advantage of this short pause, Mr. Wu focused on observing whether the machine leaked oil and water, and whether there was ponding, seepage and effusion in the corners, so as to avoid further affecting the daily work of workers.
The sanitation and inspection of machines and equipments are also very important. In addition to daily routine inspection, regular major inspection and regular maintenance are also required to ensure the safety of long-term use and prolong the service life.
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