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Taili Machinery Ends 2019 with Tour to Siming Moutain

Key words: Taili Plastic Machinery; Injection Molding Machine; Capacity Improving Expert; Siming Mountain; 2019; 2020; High-efficiency
    In the early morning of December 29, 2019, a golden bus was parked in front of the gate of Taili Plastic Machinery. A well-equipped tour guide was waiting for everyone. Today is the day of Taili Plastic Machinery's trip to Siming Mountain by the end of 2019. Even the rain, which has been pouring in the recent days, seemed to be swept away for the joy in the hearts of the people of Taili Plastic Machinery. We welcomed the first sunny day.

    At 7:30 in the morning, Taili Plastic Machinery gathered on time and set off on the way to Siming Mountain with excitement. After about an hour's drive, we arrived at Siming Villa. As soon as we got out of the car, we were greeted by the fresh air and the earthy atmosphere after the rain. The forest oxygen bar in his unique way welcomed the guests who came from a long way.  

    We first came to the Shen Lake-the crystal clear lake was rippling with layers of ripples under the breeze, wading a coolness into our hearts. Next to the Shen Lake is a mountain forest. Stepping up the stairs, after 88 steps, we came to a viewing platform. Looking out, we saw the endless mountains, and across the mist, Siming Mountain is showing us his unique charm. Due to the proposal of the tour guide, Taili plastic machinery people shouted against the railings, telling the hard work in the year of 2019, and exciting the good expectations and determination for 2020.

    At the end of the morning, we enjoyed the delicious dishes of the mountain in Siming Villa. Each dish of roasted rabbits, asparagus, wild eggs, and roasted goats was a gift to us from the mountain. Once again in the laughter, we can get closer to each other. After the banquet, Taili Plastic Machinery and his party discussed the upcoming annual meeting, determined the general direction, and made suggestions for the smooth holding of the 2019 annual meeting.

    Then we set out on our journey to Siming Lake. At the end of autumn and early winter, metasequoia trees showed a different style of autumn. The towering metasequoia seems to be integrated into the lake, creating a moving ink landscape painting, which makes people fascinated. There are mountains and waters. Of course, food can't be forgotten. We watched the making process of "intangible cultural heritage" Liangnong Cake on the street. At last, everyone came home with a few boxes of Liangnong Cake to share with family.

    With laughter, we ended our day. This tirp has shortened the distance between Taili people and united the team's strength. Taili Plastic Machinery has ended 2019 in this way, welcoming the arrival of 2020, and hoped that the new year will be better!


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