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Taili Washbasin Injection Molding Machine Participated in 2019 Chinaplas

Key words: Plastic Washbasin, High Efficiency, Stability, High performance-to-price ratio
Exhibition Review:
Taili Machinery participated in the Chinaplas 2019 in Guangzhou on May 21 to May 24. Chinaplas is Asia’s largest rubber and plastic industry exhibition, whose influence in the industry is second only to “K show” in German, and plays an important role in promoting the development of China rubber industry. It’s the fifth time for Taili Plastic Machinery to be invited to the exhibition. On the exhibition of this year, our company exhibited the newly-developed Washbasin Injection Molding Machine, whose cycle time has been reduced to 8.5s and the wall thickness of washbasin produced is 0.65mm. Its high-efficiency and stability attracted many visitors at home and abroad.

The Washbasin Injection Molding Machine TL-280F5 kept working continuously during the exhibition, making no alarm and producing no defective goods. Each washbasin was well labelled and the wall thickness was even. Many domestic and foreign manufacturers were attracted by its stability and high efficiency. Many visitors had a nice talk with us in our booth and wanted to further cooperate with our company, including the famous brand of China “MARRYA”.

Strategic layout of Taili Machinery is clearer after Chinapals 2019. Taili Machinery will contribute to the perfection of sales and after-sales system among domestic market. At the same time, Taili Machinery will further broaden foreign market and let more manufacturers KNOW TAILI, TRUST TAILI and CHOOSE TAILI.
The user report of Taili Washbasin Injection Molding Machine is shown as follows:


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