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Sharing Talk 13: It’s Hard to Fix the High-speed Injection Molding Machine?

Some high-speed injection molding machine for thin-wall products may not be expensive. However, due to immature technology, the later maintenance cost is very high. Taili plastic machinery believes that only with low pressure and high speed can the machine be called thin-walled high-speed machine!

Sharing Talk 12:How to Twice the Profits As An Injection Molded Product Manufacturer?

How to judge the service life of an injection molding machine? How to judge the injection molding machine is good or bad? Taili Plastic Machinery thinks it's very simple. There's a small detail that's critical - the surface finish of the coring column.

Record 18:Can You Earn Much By Manufacturing the PET Packaging Box?

A good injection molding machine factory should be able not only to bring customers an injection molding machine, but also to help customers win more market and provide more profitable products. This is exactly what Taili Plastic Machinery is doing!

Sharing Talk 11: Can You Earn A Lot As Plastic Product Manufacturers In 2020?

In 2019, due to the price war and the difficulty in receiving the goods payment, the plastic products manufacturer has experienced a very difficult year. In the view of Taili Plastic Machinery, your capital turnover will no longer be a problem.

Record 17:What You Do is More Important Than What You Say

Taili Plastic Machinery doesn’t employ sales manager. We only have engineers in local service outlets. Because no one knows the machine better than the engineer. There is no way to explain the quality and efficiency of the machine more than to help the customer solve the problem.

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